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Student Education Program

Award-winning video: The Community Development Project Award by the Montana Chamber of Commerce (State-wide business competition)

ES Ranch Education Project 

ES Ranch inspires future beef producers of America through Montana Mountain Angus and their partnership with the Regenerative Agricultural Program at Whitefish High School.   The Montana school district has used ES Ranch land for several years as an “outdoor classroom” for youth, and the program is thriving.


They are also working on a philanthropic education program, “A Steer A Year”, at Montana State University.  Through the program, people in the community donate money to the school district to cover the cost of the steers that the students are raising for beef donations to the school district and local food banks. This provides for the school district to get healthy grass-fed beef at a reasonable cost while students learn about marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. 

Regenerative Agriculture Education

The students help to raise the steers at ES Ranch for a local sustainable food program through Whitefish public high school.


High School Outdoor Classroom

Whitefish High School Students are inspired by the project-based, outdoor, and hands-on education. 

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