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Our Steers


A Happy Steer is A Healthy Steer

We produce premium, Montana-bred beef by growing and finishing our steers on the best natural grasses and alfalfa.  Our steers roam freely and we do not use chemicals or add growth hormones, so they are healthier compared to steers raised on grain, corn and antibiotics in over-crowded feedlots.  Our hands-on efficient and natural process is environmentally friendly, humane for the cattle and provides healthier beef for the customer. 


Our feeding, finishing and beef processing is controlled. Everything is planned during growing months to keep the steers comfortable. Water sources are critical to animal health and beef flavor. Our steers have constant access to pure clean water from our streams and private water well. They also have plenty of tree shade for the hot days of summer and green grass that is grown naturally without manmade fertilizers. Seven months of grass and alfalfa consumption puts extra fat on the steers in preparation for the approaching winter. The health of the steers is monitored daily as they live comfortably and wander around the ranch getting fatter, while spreading home-made fertilizer behind them, as nature intended.  

Our environmentally friendly production process is humane and yields healthier meat.

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The Journey of Better Beef:


The steers roam free for seven months on 300 acres, while feeding on natural grass and drinking pure clean water; without use of antibiotics or growth hormones.


The Steers move to a smaller pen, about 10-acres, to add healthy fat by eating only alfalfa. Their food, water and bedding are close-by so they move less, by choice.


After growing season, the steers are transported to the butcher for a humane slaughter. Custom cuts are prepared as ordered and packaged for customer pickup.

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