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Ordering Process

E & S Ranch sells a minimum of ¼ steer, per customer, which equates to a one-year supply of beef for a small family.

Step #1

Secure your beef.

Volume orders start at a minimum of 1/4 steer.  To secure your beef, place a deposit of $200 (per 1/4 steer) during each growing season.  The season usually begins late Spring and lasts for about 10 months.

Spring 2024 beef is sold out.  The next round of beef availability will begin in November 2024 and continue into spring of 2025. 

Step #2

Select your cuts.

ES Ranch will deliver your steer to the butcher once growing season is complete.   The butcher will manage your order processing and provide you a cut sheet to coordinate your selections. 

Step #3

Final payment.

Final payment is due to ES Ranch after meat processing is complete (slaughter, cut, wrap). Final payment must be made before you pick up your meat. Each steer is weighed 'on the rail' for pricing.  Total cost for the beef (including processing) is $4.60/lb. on the rail. The average 1/4 steer weighs
200 pounds on the rail. 

Step #4

Order Pickup.

Once ES Ranch has received your final payment, the butcher will contact you The final step is for you to schedule the pickup of your packaged meat and take it home for ready use!

Final step: Enjoy your beef!

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