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ES Ranch


Our Story: Local Family Ranch

ES Ranch humanely raise steers for direct-to-consumer beef sales. We are devoted to inventory quality from start to finish. Our family business began on our native-grass land in the Tobacco Valley of rural Montana, with intentional core values: quality, wellness, sustainability, community and integrity.


We produce beef that has been pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished on the best natural grasses and alfalfa.  Our steers are humanely slaughtered, economically processed and sold in large volume orders, direct-to-customers "by the quarter", which means customers buy enough supply in one trip to the butcher to meet a small family's beef needs for an entire year. 

By raising and finishing steers on the best natural grasses and alfalfa, the feedlot process is entirely eliminated. The beef product is finished in a manner that enhances the value of the agricultural community through a dedicated process that is a value-add for the cattle, the environment, the consumer and the producer.

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