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Welcome to
ES Ranch

Home of Montana Mountain Angus

Raising the standard of Beef production


Our Beef Brand:
'Montana Mountain Angus'

Delicious, Healthy, Tender

Free Range

Grass Fed

Grass Finished

Volume Orders

ES Ranch, founded on a heritage of second-generation rural entrepreneurs, is leading independent producer of premium grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our Red and Black Montana-bred Angus Steers are naturally raised on 300 acres of prime graze land and native hay fields. The beef is delicious, healthy and tender, because of our growing process. We sell high volume beef orders directly through a certified butcher shop, where the cattle are humanely processed, custom cut and packaged to order.


Meet the

The Casazzas

Two Generations of Cattle Raising

ES Ranch represents a remnant of vintage Americana ranchers who produce a premium product and offer stellar customer service.


Their mission is to keep the agribusiness alive by raising premium grass-fed and grass-finished beef for direct-to-consumer sales and to educate future producers in the art of humane and sustainable practices.

Couple on Ranch

Eric & Shawnna

Man with cows


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